Our core values at work

At Paradigm we believe in four core val­ues that define us as a com­pany:

1. Safety First – The well-being of our cus­tom­ers and our people are of top pri­or­ity.
2. Environmental Stewardship – We endeavor to do no harm to the envir­on­ment.
3. Ethics and Standards – We con­duct ourselves with abso­lute integ­rity and com­ply with all laws and stand­ards.
4. Respect for People – We treat each oth­er with the utmost pro­fes­sion­al­ism and respect.

Our cli­ents see us as an integ­ral part of their team, provid­ing dynam­ic, high-value ser­vices that are fun­da­ment­al to pro­ject suc­cess.

Our sup­pli­ers see us as seasoned lead­ers with a proven track record who rep­res­ent the future of the industry.

Our employ­ees see us as the employ­er of choice now and for the future who encour­ages excel­lence and pro­motes from with­in.

We bring our A-team to your team

Our company’s prin­cipals are your pro­ject leads. We bring a com­pre­hens­ive under­stand­ing of the over­all devel­op­ment pro­cess and how com­mis­sion­ing integ­rates with all phases of a pro­ject life­cycle. Our depth of exper­i­ence enables us to assign the right people to the job, anti­cip­ate and fix prob­lems before they arise, and stream­line pro­cesses to save you time and money.

Paradigm Senior Project Manager with 35+ years exper­i­ence in vari­ous com­mis­sion­ing, start-up pos­i­tions, and major indus­tri­al pro­jects across Canada. Craig has an Electrical Engineering back­ground as well as a Master Certificate in Project Management.
Email: Craig.Gamble@paradigmtech.ca
Paradigm Senior Project Manager with 20+ years exper­i­ence in com­mis­sion­ing, start-up, and pro­ject man­age­ment for the Energy and Resource Sector across Canada. Jay com­pleted his Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta and also holds a Power Engineering Certification.
Email: Jay.Dalcourt@paradigmtech.ca
Paradigm Project Manager with 27+ years exper­i­ence in the Energy and Resource Sector. Brian has a Petroleum Engineering Technology back­ground with a focus on pro­ject com­mis­sion­ing and start-up activ­it­ies with par­tic­u­lar emphas­is on off­shore pro­duc­tion plat­forms spe­cial­iz­ing in sub­sea com­mis­sion­ing and start-up.
Email: Brian.Abbott@paradigmtech.ca