We outperform on the ground

Our discipline around safety, procedure and compliance is untouchable. We are exceptional project managers who handle everything from planning to execution, including hiring and training. We excel at driving quality and value, and maximizing return on investment during all phases of a project lifecycle.

Paradigm benefits your project in many tangible ways:

  • No harm to people or equipment; no damage to the environment
  • Meet milestones from day one
  • Reduce startup time
  • Build competence of client operations teams
  • Proven record of cost effectiveness and proficiency to allow optimal commissioning and start-up

Our commissioning and start-up and documentation projects include:

  • Gas plants
  • SAGD and cogeneration plants
  • Offshore floating and fixed installations
  • Pipelines and tank farms
  • Water treatment and utility plants
  • Upgraders and refineries