We deliver peace of mind

Proper plan­ning is key to min­im­iz­ing risk and achiev­ing hydro­car­bon pro­duc­tion in the safest and fast­est way pos­sible. We work with your pro­ject team, ideally through­out the pro­ject life­cycle, to make sure the cru­cial com­mis­sion­ing and start-up pro­cess pro­ceeds flaw­lessly. We bring the best people and pro­cesses to the job, so you get the best res­ults. Along the way we add stra­tegic value and build sig­ni­fic­ant intern­al capa­city.

Our ser­vices include:

Development and Execution phases
  • Planning and exe­cu­tion of pre-com­mis­sion­ing, com­mis­sion­ing and start-up
  • Coordination of turnover/handover
  • Technical assur­ance of design and build (cer­ti­fic­a­tion)
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Development of Technical Training Manuals
Production Operations phase
  • Planning and exe­cu­tion of com­mis­sion­ing and start-up for sus­tain­ing cap­it­al pro­jects
  • Updates to Standard Operating Procedure and Technical Training Manuals
  • Mentorship of Operations Personnel